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Water, No.6 (2019) by Eric Christopher Jackson

Water, No.6

14 August - 3 November, 2019

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"Water. Light. Shadow. A Mood. A Rhythm. The Texture created through a mixture of Emotions as the wind blows and the sun shines. Lost in the ebbs and flows of the River. The beautiful Personality of Nature is seen. Be still." - Eric Christopher Jackson

Water, No.10 (2019) by Eric Christopher Jackson

Water, No.10

The Series entitled, Water, has gone through some minor changes that have made a major difference in how the Work is presented. I am proud of the new Look. The overall boost in Lighting has allowed the Details in each piece to blossom all the more.

While my entire Collection is undergoing similar changes because of the successful results of this Series, Water is the main beneficiary of my altered approach in Editing my Photography.

To celebrate this occasion, the Online Exhibition initially Ended earlier this year, has been reintroduced. I must say, the entire Series looks better than ever.

Water (2019) by Eric Christopher Jackson


Several sample prints were ordered of this Series as I began to narrow down the exact look I wanted to have in terms of Vibrance and Clarity on the right type of Photography Paper. I've learned so much during this process. Lessons that I will use to improve future Projects.

Water, No.13 (2019) by Eric Christopher Jackson

Water, No.13

I do hope that you give this Series another peak. There are a total of seventeen pieces on Exhibit. Special 'Thanks' to Jarrah Robertson, Co-Founder of and the Staff for taking all of my questions and addressing my concerns throughout the Process.

They are based in the Australia, New Zealand area so it's cool to meet new people from across the globe. I hope to work with them again as I would like to hold a few more Exhibits through their Platform.

Best Regards,

Eric Christopher Jackson

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