Eric C. Jackson Studio
Eric C. Jackson Studio exhibits a Collection of Art & Creative Writing. Limited Edition Prints are available as Print Only and Face Mounted Acrylic Prints in Sizes varying from 12 x 8-inch to 60 x 40-inch. The Art Collection begins in 2009 and continues through the Present Day.

The Art has been exhibited in Galleries around the globe including Gallery Du 808 in Bristol, UK and The ArtBox Gallery in Zurich, Switzerland. The Work has also been featured in Publications including Lens Magazine in Tel Aviv and CreativPaper in Manchester, UK.

Creative Writing is featured in Collections of Poetry, a Novella, and a Children's Ebook. Other Writings include Short Stories and Screenplays which span multiple genres. In 2011, his Short Script entitled, “No Fear,” won First Place in the Azusa Pacific University 48-Hour Film Festival. The improvisation by the Cast and Crew also led to the Short Film receiving the Best Actor and Best Actress Awards.

The first Collection of Poetry, “The Beginning of Me”, is featured on the cover of the November 2013 Issue of Publisher’s Weekly Select. During the same month, Eric was selected as one of the Featured Authors of the Week on BookWooks.



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Eric C. Jackson (b. 1978) is an Visual Artist and Creative Writer originally from South Florida. Inspired by traditional Fine Art, Cinematography, and Fashion, he treats each new Project as a Story waiting to be told. It's important for the Viewer to feel and almost hear the Scenes he Captures. Each Subject wants to be seen and heard. Eric uses the Camera to give them a Voice. 


My life has always been a mixture of art & writing. I remember being a six-year-old kid trying to build a fortress out of wooden ABC blocks. My mom eventually let me graduate to construction blocks, like Legos, yet, you lock them together with a plastic screwdriver. I took the simplest form one could make and memorized how to put it together apart from the directions.

I’d read simple stories of my favorite cartoon heroes and imagined how I would lay out my own story for their journey. Optimus Prime. Lion-O. Matchbox cars. Always an adventure playing in my mind.

Yet, over time, the little kid was lost. Buried, perhaps, and all of these dreams drifted away. Years went by like seconds and I found myself nowhere near where i thought I’d be several years before. I began to wonder: Have I run out of time to rekindle the spirit of a curious little boy?

The answer is up to me. So, I began to write poetry, trying to figure out where I got lost along the way. I bought myself a DSLR camera as well, capturing the scenes that interested me. I took a liking to movies, marveling at how they combined words and pictures into a cohesive story. I visited art galleries, again, wondering how stories are told through paintings, sculpture, and photography.

The questions became: Where is my life through it all? Where am I supposed to be? ‘Which path should I choose?’ as I recalled days of learning the basics of piano. I wanted to try everything with the resources to try very little.

Still, one poem after the other, one photograph after the next, the cloudy veil over my eyes is less dense as I navigate through this. Searching for the missing person, the heart of the child I used to be. -ecj