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1964.5 Ford Mustang, No.2 by Eric Christopher Jackson

1964.5 Ford Mustang, No.2

Hello Readers,

As I continue to rebuild the Art Gallery, I try to keep an eye on what Visitors are looking for. This passed week, one of you came to the website in Search of the Ford Mustang, which was not available at the time.

I do apologize for the inconvenience as my entire Collection is being revamped. However, I was able to add many of the Classic Cars back to the Automobiles Section of the Gallery this week.

There are quite a few more that are missing, yet, the several added are the more popular of the Collection.


1965 Pontiac GTO

One of the reasons I've decided to take a fresh look at the Art Gallery is because some gems have fallen through the cracks. Including the Work above, which I discovered this week. With its unique Color, it will look amazing on Display.

1955 Cadillac

The Automobile Collection is specifically geared towards Car Enthusiasts more than Art Collectors. The Prices are more affordable for most of the Photographs. Prints like the 1955 Cadillac begin at $20.

I will continue to work towards completing the Automobile Collection as time allows. The Photo Editing process is time-consuming and I still have well over a hundred Prints to add to the Art Gallery, overall.

Thank you for your patience,

Eric Christopher Jackson

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