July 20th: Book Signing w/ Local Poet, Eric Jackson @ Chamblin's Uptown

Author Meet & Greet
July 20, 2019 @ 12-3pm<br />°°°
Hosted by @chamblinsuptown
• Poetry Reading
• Open Discussion
• Book Signing
Featuring Poetry Collections:
Redemption (2016)
Speak (2014)
The Beginning of Me (2013)
Chamblin's Uptown
215 N. Laura St.
Jacksonville, FL. 32202
Dear Readers,

At long last, I have mustered up the Courage to have an Event about my Collections of Poetry. "The Beginning of Me" was self-published in 2013 ..and I have never held a single Event for it. :(

Why now?

I am scribbling through thoughts for a fourth Collection of Poetry and I'm not entirely sure how people would respond to the first three Collections. This has led me to ask to the local community by presenting the Work I have so far.

Chamblin's Uptown is located in Downtown Jacksonville. I've visited the venue on several occasions perusing through two floors of books, movies, CDs, etc. It's the ideal place to start facing my fears of Public Speaking.

I will discuss all three of my Books. However, the main theme of the Event is Redemption, which is the title of the third Collection. I will also talk about other subjects including Fear, Self-Esteem, and Love.

I still need to look over the Work to see which poems I want to discuss specifically during the first two hours of the Event. The last hour will be dedicated to Book Signing, answering more questions, and simply meeting more people.

I so hope to see plenty of people there. I also hope that I don't freeze and stumble over my words during the presentation. :)

Final Note: If you take photos of the Event, purchase a Book and capture a selfie, use hashtag byecj. This will make it easier for me to find your post on Social Media. Remember: #byecj (by ecj).

Happy Tuesday.

Eric Christopher Jackson

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