Returning Home.

Dear Readers,

Over a month has passed since my previous Blog. I must say, quite a few things have happened in the process. The most significant being my personal growth as an Artist, Writer, and Human Being.

Several weeks ago, I decided to take down the entire portion of the Art Gallery from this website and gradually begin, again. Eventually, I realized it was like a rebirth of much of my Work. I began to see it as never before.

Flamingos (2013) by Eric Christopher Jackson

Among other things, one of the major changes to the Work is the type of Paper it's printed on. The previous Paper Type that I used, while of high quality, did not present the Work as well as it could be presented.

After testing different Paper Types, I switched to the Fuji Crystal Archive Paper with a unique Pearl finish. I absolutely love the overall more vibrant look of my Work. This is because the Ink now sits more on top of the Paper opposed to being absorbed more by the Paper fibers.

Coming Up for Air (2012) by Eric Christopher Jackson

I also re-calibrated my Hardware and brightened each art piece among other minor Edits. I have well over 200 art pieces to sift through. To date, only about 40 pieces are back in the Gallery. However, they all look (and print) better than ever.

I invite you to take a look for yourself. You may not see much of a difference on most occasions, but I assure you, it's there. :)

Although I have a quite a ways to go until the Gallery is complete, I am so excited with the direction it's heading. The place is finally starting to feel like Home, again.

Best Regards,

Eric Christopher Jackson

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