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Often times, I'm camera shy. Well.. Video camera shy. I do not like to record myself on video, although I have plenty of Self-Portraits in my Collection. (Odd?) However, I've decided to face this particular fear by sharing some Messages with you. This will also help you get to know me, as a person, an Artist, a Writer.

After several failed attempts, I finally found a good setup with Lighting, Audio, and Camera angle. While I do not have Professional Video Editing Software, I try to present Videos in the best possible way.

Festival Solace Exhibition
31 July - 27 August, 2019

Gallery Du 808

Tuesday - Saturday
10:00am - 17:00pm



Gallery Du 808
21 - 22 The Arcade
Bristol, UK

The Group Exhibition in Bristol, U.K. is coming to an end. I want to thank Gallery Director, Vitali Cortesi, and the Staff for representing my Work so well. I must say, my Art generally looks better in Print than on-screen (i.e. phone, tablet, laptop).

Gallery's Rebirth

Several Art pieces have been recently returned to the Art Gallery along with a few new Pieces. Often times, these Pieces have been highlighted on my Social Media Channels including Instagram and Facebook.

Coming Up for Air (2012) by Eric Christopher Jackson

Coming Up for Air (2012)
Series | Jacksonville Zoo

Many of the Artworks returning to the Gallery may look the same as before. However, I have made necessary adjustments to most of the Pieces in order to enhance the Quality of each one.

Water, No.13 (2019) by Eric Christopher Jackson

Water, No.13 (2019)
Series | Water

On the other hand, the Series entitled, Water, has gone through major adjustments. This was done to improve Print Quality. All of the sample Prints ordered were too dark. Detail was lost in the Shadows. I wanted the scenes to 'Pop' much more than they did.

Water, No.10 (2019)
Series | Water

The art piece above was also sent to Gallery Du 808 after the adjustments were made. It was one of the first sample Prints of the Series to be Approved. Good news, the Gallery SOLD this piece a few days ago.

I am confident that all of the Work featured on the Gallery will look spectacular in Print after all of the Print testing I've done.

Best Regards,

Eric Christopher Jackson

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