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Nucleus by Eric C. Jackson Studio

L I M I T E D  E D I T I O N  P H O T O G R A P H Y

After months of waiting, trial, and error to find the right Style for this Series, "Clarity" made its debut near the end of 2022. Four Photographs made the first Release with more scenes possibly being added later in 2023. For now, the foundation is set.

Photographs like Nucleus (shown above) seem a bit mysterious. The monochromatic shade of brown is unique to the Studio Collection. Ultimately, it is born from another experiement with macro photography. I felt the importance of adding the piece to a Space where it would stand out while complimenting the room.

Acute Perception by Eric C. Jackson Studio

The featured art piece in this Space is entitled, Acute Perception. The goal was to build a narrative around spheres that are mainly out of focus. The Viewer may have to search for the focal points throughout. This Series is used as a metaphor to Life. We can easily lose focus of what's truly important and give too much attention to frivilous details.

As always, how each scene is lit helps shape its Composition while adding interest to the Photograph. I must point out that the Lighting throughout this set of Photographs may differ drastically causing some pieces seem separate or as stand-alone Works. However, I will do my best to add all of these pieces under the same umbrella.

If you would like to View the entire four-piece Series, please Visit the Studio page for Clarity. Feel free to ask questions or leave feedback below.


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