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Water, No.15 w/ Interior by Eric C. Jackson Studio

Home is a feeling. The feeling of being comfortable and at peace. The artwork featured in your home (or office) should compliment this feeling. The Series, Water, is now featured with interiors specially suited for each piece. This gives Collectors a better idea of how the Works fit into a given Space.

Water, No.16 w/ Interior by Eric C. Jackson Studio

The blues in this Series are saturated. Ideally, Spaces that have natural tones will compliment the Work. It you are looking for a punch of Color, pieces like Water, No.16 may fit your interior's Style.

Water, No.9 w/ Interior by Eric C. Jackson Studio

The sheer amount of texture in Water, No.9 makes it even more unique among the Limited Edition Prints available in this Series. One of the important goals in my Fine Art Photography is to give Viewers a sense of being able to touch the actual scene in the Photograph.

In paintings, layers of paint can be applied to build texture into the Composition. In Photography, capturing elements of texture is important to help give the scene a tactile quality to mimic painting.

I pray that my Work inspires people and is an asset to whatever Space you are decorating.

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