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Hero w/ Interior by Eric C. Jackson Studio

 One of the most heartbreaking moments as a Creative that I have experienced was sitting at my booth during a local Art Walk and watching disappointed faces pass by as potential Collectors realized they could not possibly afford my Fine Art Photography. It was simply outside of their Budget.

I struggled with Pricing my Work because while the Prices were suitable for Galleries and professional Art Collectors, many of those interested in purchasing my Work were outside of this Category. The question arose: Should Fine Art be available only for the upper class? Should there be a social class divide in owning great Artwork? If so, how could anyone else be inspired and encouraged by Fine Art if they never had the opportunity to own any Works?

Mum, No.6 w/ Interior by Eric C. Jackson Studio

I felt the tug on my heart to come up with a solution. After several weeks of wrestling with details, I decided to take an honest look at my entire Inventory. From the Archives of Photography no longer on the website to the lastest Series added earlier this year, I redefined certain Categories in terms of Pricing. The availability of Open Edition Photography was a natural fit.

Endless w/ Interior by Eric C. Jackson Studio

Many of the pieces available as Open Edition Prints were Captured several years ago ranging from 2009 to 2018. However, the quality of the Work is not diminished. The major difference is most of these pieces are no longer Submitted into Gallery Competitions because more recently created Works are being used.


Instead of allowing these pieces to collect digital dust, I would like to offer them to aspiring Collectors who are not able to afford Limited Edition pieces. Open Edition Prints are a nice starting place.


Shadows w/ Interior by Eric C. Jackson Studio

Many of these pieces are Printed on the same high-quality, archival Paper as the Limited Edition Prints. Of course, the overall Value is diminished simply because potentially hundreds of Copies are SOLD opposed to only a Limited number of Prints available for a certain piece.


Generally, Open Edition Prints will range in Size from 10 x 15-inch to 40 x 60-inch starting at $70. In contrast, Limited Edition Prints in the Studio begin at $300 for 16 x 24-inch pieces. While some of my favorite pieces will be returning to the Studio Gallery, I do not want to inundate the Space with older pieces. This leaves room to add and showcase new Work.


Click the Interiors above to see examples of the Sizes and Pricing available for Open Edition Prints. There are more on the way.


In conclusion, many long-time followers of the Studio have been waiting for some of my Work to go on Sale or to receive Discount Codes. This is absolutely the moment you have been patiently waiting for. While I do not have a Staff and only work in my Studio part-time (for now), I am doing my best to implement these changes quickly.


Thank you for your patience,
Signature: Eric Jackson

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