A Fresh Approach

WIP by Eric C. Jackson Studio

The approach to my Fine Art Photography is on the road of Discovery. Typically, I will come up with a Concept, capture the Subject(s), implement basic Edits, and prepare for Printing. This has been my approach, for the most part, for more than ten years.

Looking forward to 2024, I would like to try a much different approach in terms of Photo Editing. Instead of only basic Edits, including Dodge and Burn, I am diving into photo manipulation on a major scale. This shift is causing me to spend me time on a single photograph or group of photographs to craft the final image. Here is an example:

The photograph on the left would usually be the finished piece. However, I am taking a few Editing courses from fellow Fine Art Photographer, Sharon Tenenbaum, which are challenging me to push my Creativity further. The photograph on the right is the same piece, but it has been manipulated to add Interest to the Composition.

In all honesty, I never know where these experiments in manipulation will lead. Much of this process is trial & error. Still, it has sparked my curiosity in crucial ways giving me new ideas on directions to take certain pieces. I am not sure how Art Collectors will respond to this new approach, but I'm willing to explore.

This piece feels close to being finished. Ordering a test print(s) is the next Step in the process. Often times, I create a mock-up of the piece with an Interior to see how a Work will fit within a living Space. It will take time to perfect the new Editing techniques I'm learning because there are several options available in Digital Photography.

I hope you enjoy this Style,

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