The Archival Collection


The Archival Collection is my solution to a common problem for Art Enthusiasts who would love to become Art Collectors but cannot afford the cost of high-priced Art. There needs to be a way for Enthusiasts in lower income brackets to have a starting point in the Art World.

I have been capturing Photography with a DSLR since 2008. I created the foundation of the Studio in 2012. Fast forward to 2023, I have thousands of Photographs archived. Most of which have fallen out of the Inventory to make room for new pieces.

However, there are quite a few gems that I miss from the Studio Collection that could be offered on the website once again. The art piece above entitled, "Encompass" is one of them. Created in 2013, it still garners attention at 8x8 inches in Size and will be something new to first-time Viewers.

As of today, there are 15 pieces available in The Archival Collection. Open Edition Prints start at $45 for an 8x12-inch with most pieces available in Sizes up to 40x60 inches. Each piece features a unique Digital Signature and is printed on Fujicolor Crystal Archive Pearl Paper.

Each piece is also mounted on White Styrene to keep the Print from warping over time. Archival Inks are still used for these Prints with a life span of over 75 years. I would suggest keeping your Prints some distance away from intense, direct sunlight to preserve the Colors in the Prints.

Most of the pieces in The Archival Collection are several years old. Yet, they still have a certain appeal to casual Collectors. A major difference between these Prints and more expensive pieces is the exclusivity of Limited Edition Prints. Art pieces found in The Archival Collection are Open Edition Prints. Countless copies may be Sold around the World, which lowers to overall Value of these pieces.

When Collectors are ready to take the next step in building their personal or business Collection, Limited Edition Prints are the next option. Only 7 Prints and 3 Artist Proofs are developed for a specific Limited Edition piece. Once these are Sold, no more Print Editions are created, which makes your Print extremely unique in comparison.

To this point, the expense is higher per Print and the expense could rise depending on popularity and Gallery Representation of a piece. Also, Limited Edition Prints are delivered ready-to-hang on Lumachrome HD Paper and face-mounted on TruLife Acrylic. The Paper quality of Lumachrome HD is the best my Studio currently offers.

I do hope that this new Category of Open Edition Prints help those interested in purchasing my Work at an affordable price point for your budget.

Please click here to visit The Archival Collection.


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