Rise to the Top (2022)

Wall Art | Rise to the Top w/ Interior

One of the standouts for this year is the recently added "Rise to the Top" in the Series, Jacksonville Zoo. The goal for much of my Work is to emphasize elements like Color and Texture while creating an otherworldly feel of the Photograph. It's not enough to simply Capture reality. The scene has to trigger the imagination of the Viewer, perhaps, transporting them to a slightly different world that is comparable to Earth.

How? The original Photograph is rather plain. The Color of the water is muddy grey and the yellow koi fish is quite pale in comparison to the finished scene. Also, the particles on the water are brighter to make them look more like stars. The ripples just beneath the fish have deeper Shadows to help create a better sense of Dimension.

The Lighting is emphasized to different degrees in various sections of the Image to create the feel of the koi coming out of the Photograph. This is aided by more saturated Color throughout. The Texture of the koi's scales are enhanced to help create this 3D effect.

Rise to the Top (2022) by Eric C. Jackson Studio

These changes combined bring a sense of harmony between all the elements. When Capturing wildlife, Fine Art Photographers need to be patient, yet, persistent. Especially if you don't want to Crop the scene to improve the Composition, several Photographs are taken in attempts to find the right balance between the Subject and the Background.

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