Koi (2022)

Koi (2022) w/ Interior by Eric C. Jackson Studio

Koi (2022) is now available with the Series, Jacksonville Zoo. The Photograph comes in four Sizes from 16 x 24-inch to 40 x 60-inch. The major difference with this Limited Edition Print compared to previous Editions is the overall quantity. Photographs like Coming Up for Air have a total of 187 Prints that will be Sold. Koi simply has 48 Prints overall, which adds Value to the Editions.

Twelve Prints of each Size are for Sale.

Koi fish are one of my favorite Subjects to capture because of their beautiful Color and majestic feel. With this particular Capture, I wanted to emphasize both of these attributes in a more abstract way. The Texture is minimized on the koi while the Texture on the water is highlighted. It helps create the sense of the koi being just below the water's surface.

 Koi (2022) on TruLife Acrylic Print

All Studio Gallery Prints ordered on the website are face mounted on TruLife Acrylic. My recommendation is the hang the Print near good Lighting whether natural or artifical daylight temperature sources. The Colors in this scene are best displayed in these conditions away from intense, direct sunlight. The Print is about 1 inch in Depth because of the Aluminum Museum Wall Mount.

Each Print is produced on demand. Production time is 8-10 business days. FedEx Ground Shipping is free to locations in the Continental U.S. If you would like to share a picture of your purchase on social media, use hashtag #ecjStudio which will help me find it.


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