(2008-2018) Ten Years of Contemporary Fine Art Photography.
Music Performed by Soprano: Charlotte Hoather | Pianist: George Todica
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As many of us are rarely going out around the World with closures to restaurants, sporting events, concerts, movie theaters, etc., I have found myself with more of a focus on Projects I procrastinated to complete.

The update of "Milestone" is one of them. The first video was okay, but needed some polishing, which includes a better layout of the Photography. This Presentation is basically an Introduction to my Collection.

I am so thankful that Charlotte Hoather and George Todica allowed me to use their Music, "Scots Song." It really helps create the tone of the Presentation and gives Audiences a better view of my Personality. The least I can do is share their Contact Information with you all.

Continue to Stay Safe and Stay Home as much as you can in order for us to be able to ..leave home at some point in the (near?) future.

God bless,
Eric Christopher Jackson

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