Lens Magazine: "Life in Isolation" | April 2020, Issue No.67

Lens Magazine: "Life in Isolation" April 2020
Photography by Romain Esteban
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“In this unusual era of COVID-19, it’s important to document life under isolation for future generations. As in all Lens Magazine issues, this month’s magazine will be added to the archive data of academic and public universities across the world.

In this touching issue, you will find exclusive interviews and articles with extraordinary professional photographers from around the globe, featuring a more emotional and personal point of view of family life in isolation– the need of space, of freedom, of air. Enjoy this unique, ever-so-human journey, and stay safe.” -Dafna Navarro | CEO&Founder

Featured Photographers:
Daniel W. Coburn | Jose Jeuland | Upayan Chatterjee | Romain Esteban | Eric Kaltenmark | Nicola Davison-Reed | Bonta Teresa Letizia | Eric Christopher Jackson


Lens Magazine: "Life in Isolation" April 2020

Pages 138-139

Photographer’s Notes:
Typically, it’s intimidating to have my Work Published alongside other Photographers. I have to keep myself from making comparisons of Style, Lighting, Composition, etc. I’m learning to understand even more that I don’t have to compete with anyone other than myself.

The goal is to always improve. See how far I can go. Challenge myself to be confident enough to be vulnerable by putting my Work out there. As nerve-racking as this is, the feeling of excitement is more powerful.

Seven of my Photographs are Featured in this Issue. I’ve always wanted other people to respect my Work enough to Publish it. Which means that I have to create Photography that’s worth that respect.


Eric Christopher Jackson

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