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One of the most common critique I’ve received from the previous two Events is the affordability of my Artwork for people outside of Galleries, Corporations, etc. I also met quite a few kids and parents of children who wanted to purchase my Work, but it’s outside of their Budget.

Pierce (2017) A-Line Dress | $47

To address this issue, I’ve decided to significantly expand the Licensing on my Artwork on various Merchandise in The RedBubble Store. Initially, this Online Venue was dedicated to Automobile Photography on items including Travel Mugs, Coasters, and Throw Pillows.

Pierce (2017) Throw Pillow | Starting at $21

I am in the process of adding Work from all Collections and Photography Series to The RB Store. Although the Work will not be available as large Prints, many Art Lovers will be able to purchase something like Greeting Cards, Stickers, or Postcards within their Price Range.

Pierce (2017) Shower Curtain | $57

The Categories vary from Apparel to Home Decor. I simply need to find the right Photographs for each Product that will be a welcomed addition to someone’s Home.

Pierce (2017) Comforter | Starting at $105.31

Feel free to look around as the Store Owners have improved its Layout. Also, there are Coupon Codes available periodically to help you save money. Simply Enter to Code during Checkout.

If you have any questions about the Online Store, feel free to ask.

-Eric Christopher Jackson

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