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The importance of finding the right piece for each Space cannot be overstated. Even the best artworks do not fit in Style in certain Spaces. The Journey of finding a piece you love and pairing it with the right Space is not a sprint. The challenge can be addressed in two ways. One could either create a Style for a room to match a piece you love or one could look for a piece to simply fit into a Space you already love.

My goal with the mockups below is give Clients an idea of how well certain pieces fit in specific Spaces. The difficult aspect is to sift through my entire Collection of Work to discover the right fit for the Styles of Spaces that catch my attention. These mockups are included with each artwork's page.

Interior Design X Flamingos

I especially like the Texture and subtle Color of this wall. The plant provides a touch of nature while the large orb has a contemporary flare. I think “Flamingos” does well in connecting both styles together.

The intense Colors in "Red Sky" helps to bring this Space together. When several elements are spread out with a ton of wall space, the artwork becomes the centerpiece.

Such a unique Style to this dining room with the darker wall Color. The black & white art piece, "Conversion" is used to brighten the area while complimenting grey and red Colors.

The lobby of an office building is a great place to feature artwork. "Rapport" is a rare photographic manipulation in my Collection that seems to compliment the Look of these elevator doors. It's important for a piece to stand out and blend in to a Space at the same time.

Art Collectors determine the Mood of each Space, the feeling you want to have when you sit in the room. I chose "Certitude" for this area because it compliments the wall color along with having a sense of Springtime. The white petals brighten up the area, which is especially useful when darker colors fill the Space.

Detail | Certitude by Eric C. Jackson Studio


Requests have been received to share photos of the artwork. I am working towards adding images like this to the product page of each piece in the Studio. Correctly Lighting images like this with the proper Color representation is the challenge. However, this shot seems to be close to what I'm trying to capture.

Images like this will give Viewers a more accurate rendition of the Artwork available. I am also testing out short video presentations to add to my Social Media channels along with the Etsy Store.

I will leave you with this video presentation concept of Water, No.13. I hope that you enjoy it. ecj

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