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Wall Art | Crasis
Wall Art | Crasis


The World has always fascinated me. Even as a little kid, I skimmed through photos of the solar system. Curious about how the Earth works. Why it all works so well. Which led to the concept of Purpose. I suppose this where my belief in God began.

When I started practicing Macro Photography, my fascination only grew that much more. Eventually, flowers became a focal point as I'm left in awe of the amount of detail found in something so small.

Crasis by Eric C. Jackson Studio


Often times, Lighting is a co-Subject in my Work. The mixture of Light and Shadow in the proper Composition accentuates the monochromatic Color & Detail of this flower. I love when photography has the feel of a painting. Using an extremely shallow depth-of-field really helps create that Look.

Creating this type of Work helps me stop to appreciate what we see as "the little things" that are easily taken for granted. Because Life seems to be a blur nowadays. We're already approaching the month of May while wondering where has the time gone. I find myself longing for a few more moments to be Still each day. Perhaps, I'm creating these moments to help all of us slow this hectic pace for a little while.

Eric C. Jackson

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