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Wall Art | Come to Life by Eric C. Jackson Studio

Come to Life
Collection | Nature

"The emotion felt when a new Beginning emerges. Hope arrives. Desperation fades. Birds sing. A crisp wind blows. The night is over. Seasons change." -ecj

Year: 2021
Edition of 100 - 24 x 16 inch
Edition of 50 - 36 x 24 inch
Edition of 25 - 45 x 30 inch
Edition of 12 - 60 x 40 inch

Printed on Moab Lasal Exhibition Luster Paper.
Face-Mounted Acrylic Prints and Framed Prints available upon Request.

Come to Life by Eric C. Jackson Studio

I want much of my Work to have a natural look to them. This helps give the impression that a Viewer can touch the actual Subject being photograph. With the need to add more Color to the Studio Gallery Collection, I found a small bouquet of flowers that included small mums. The lime green Color stood out to me.

Upon closer look, I realized the petals have amazing detail for flower heads this small. Of course, with macro photography, I can enlarge to size of the flower on a print up to 60 x 40 inches. It took time to find the right balance of Lighting with the proper Composition. Ultimately, the scene seems to glow against a darker-painted wall as shown above. However, I am confident this Limited Edition print will look amazing in a lighter setting.

Happy Friday Eve,

Artist, Writer - Eric Jackson


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