Red Sky


"The sun began to set over Fort Lauderdale, Florida. I used a Polarizer Filter over the camera's lens to enhance the Color. However, I was not expecting the deep red and intense oranges that surfaced during Editing. I've tried to re-create this Effect countless times and have been unsuccessful It is unique." -ecj

Year: 2008

Edition of 7 | 3 Artist's Proofs


- 24 x 16 Inch (1 Print)

- 36 x 24 Inch (2 Prints)

- 45 x 30 Inch (2 Prints)

- 60 x 40 Inch (2 Prints)

Digitally Signed & Numbered.
Certificate of Authenticity Included.

Also Available on TruLife Acrylic.
Print: FujiFlex Crystal Archive Paper
Mount: 1/8" TruLife Acrylic (Anti-Reflective)
Encapsulate: DiBond (White)
Hanging: Aluminum Museum Wall Mount Included
Add-on: Wire Hanger Available Upon Request

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