Coming Soon: Series, Quarantine (2020)

Series | Quarantine (2020)
Series, Quarantine (2020)

This Series is the perfect example of what typically happens when I try to create new Work. I start a Series, get stuck during the process, then return to complete it several months later.

Why does it take so much time between capturing and completing a Series? I'm not entirely sure. This is beyond taking a step back to return with a fresh approach. At times, I forget the Project is even there.

However, when the time comes to pick up where I left off, it doesn't take long to identify which pieces will be included in the Series.

I can see more clearly. Certain Photographs (like this one) jump out at me that I didn't notice before.

The most challenging part may be to find the right Interiors for them. I love including Interior Spaces with the Work because it adds Context. It answers the question of how the Photograph influences the elements around it.

The final Selections were made this morning on which Photographs will be included in the Series. I hope you enjoy them.

- Eric C. Jackson

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