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A21 ..Until Every One is Free T-Shirt

"Until Every One Is Free" by @a21

"Our Story has always been a Story about the One. And how the One became Many. One person was joined by another, and another, and another--deciding to Stand in the Fight Together for the One man deceived by the promise of a new job and a better Life. The One woman forced into the Sex Trade. The One young girl robbed of her Childhood. And We will continue to Fight for the One. No matter what it takes. No matter what the cost. Because when We Fight for the One, We Fight for All. We Fight because Every Single Human Life has Value." -A21

A21 ..Until Every One is Free T-Shirt

Note: I have been following A21 for several months and became familiar with their fight against Human Trafficking. Rarely, if ever, do I hear anything about this global tragedy on the News.

Yet, as I read Reports from A21, modern-day slavery is everywhere. I see many of you Standing up for what you believe in. I began to ask myself: What will I Stand up for?

Before you Support any Organization, please do your homework first. Research each Organization thoroughly before Donating Funds to them. Simply to make sure the majority of your Donations are benefiting those you want to help.

Human Trafficking is one of the most difficult Subjects to talk about in Society. However, if I were trapped in this Life, I would want someone to help me be free. How can I not try to help someone else?

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