Written by Eric Christopher Jackson

Redemption | Poetry Collection, No.3 by Eric Christopher Jackson

Poetry Collection, No.3
ISBN: 978-1533219763

“What have you done in your life that makes it seem impossible to recover from? A crucial mistake? A misunderstanding? A tendency to cling to immaturity? A row of decisions that scream irresponsibility? Or have you committed the greatest sin: Not really doing anything? No goals. No dreams. Believing life & success come easy. You took time for granted & now it feels like your time is up. Wasted. I know the feeling. You wake up every morning wondering: Why am I still here? There’s no purpose, no use, no hope of accomplishing anything. I thought the same. Until one day I realized, I am not here by chance. There is a reason for being.” -Eric Christopher Jackson

We believe Author Eric Christopher Jackson's "Redemption," is an excellent choice for anyone, but especially men, revealing some of the more intimate and silent battles they may face and keep inside...read our full 5-star review!

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Speak | Poetry Collection, No.2 by Eric Christopher Jackson



SPEAK (2014)
Poetry Collection, No.2
ISBN: 978-1494773854

Features outspoken poetry, including “Skin” and “My Last Prayer” along with short stories like “Just a Fan” and “The Judge.” Short scripts (Too Cold for Meowing), essays (A History of Blood), and personal stories like “Escaping Pornography” are also included. My goal in this book is to be more transparent as an individual in order to help and inspire others. Most of the work was written between 2012 and 2013. It gives the reader a clearer view of who I am today along with the message I want to share.





The Beginning of Me | Poetry Collection, No.1 by Eric Christopher Jackson



Poetry Collection, No.1
ISBN: 978-1490572048

Radio Interview: "Q&A With Don McCauly"
“As I began my journey into adulthood, I realized the persona of what I was led to believe a man should be was a standard I could not meet. I believed in God, but I did not believe in me. I felt fear. I felt anxiety. I felt insecure. And I could tell no one about it. Instead, I began to write my feelings down in the form of poetry on scraps of paper.

This process helped me to be honest with myself about who I saw in the mirror. As you read through, maybe it can help you, too.” – Eric Christopher Jackson


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Forgiveness: 3rd Edition | Novella by Eric Christopher Jackson


3rd Edition | Novella
ISBN: 978-1479164417

“Sometimes, the only answer is to forgive.”

Four wealthy, Christian families experience similar tragedies in a short period of time. Each has lost a loved one to a drunk driver. The families soon learn of each other and began to build friendships. However, the time comes when helping each other through the grieving process is not enough.

They look to God for answers only to find an emptiness inside. As a result, they decide to take matters into their own hands. This triggers a chain reaction of events that threaten to turn the nation upside down. In the end, sometimes the only answer we receive from God is to forgive.



Chompy Goes to School: 2nd Edition by Eric Christopher Jackson

2nd Edition | Story & Illustration

Meet Chompy…
A lovable, huggable character created to grow alongside young children everywhere. Follow Chompy as he goes to school to learn about the ABCs. Each letter is highlighted in various ways within the scenes. Experience a typical day for a crowd of Chompys.