The Print Swap - A project by Feature Shoot

The Print Swap - A project by Feature Shoot
by Alison Zavos, Lexie Alley

ISBN: 9781715257903 (Softcover)
ISBN: 9781715357910 (Hardcover)

Announcing the first ever Print Swap Photo Book!

One of my Photographs was Selected for inclusion in this Photography Book. Such an honor. The Photograph was Submitted in February 2019. I heard News periodically about the book being published. However, with the current state of the world, I’d forgotten about this Opportunity. I thank God for the recognition. Some good news is needed.

I want to share the Newsletter from The Print Swap with you.

-Eric Christopher Jackson

More than three years ago, Feature Shoot launched The Print Swap as a way to connect the global photography community, bring art into people’s homes, and showcase the incredible talent among our readership. Since then, the project has expanded to include hundreds of photographers from around the world, representing every genre and specialty.

In 2017, we opened the first Print Swap exhibition in New York City. Throughout the years, Print Swap photographers have exhibited in Los Angeles, Sydney, London, Paris, Berlin, Hyderabad, with an exhibition in Athens on the horizon.

Now, in 2020, we are excited to launch the first-ever Print Swap photo book, curated by our Founder Alison Zavos and comprising selected images from artists who participated in The Print Swap in 2019. The tradition of the physical, tangible photograph has always been at the heart of The Print Swap, and we couldn’t be happier to be sharing these images in a fresh, new way.

Congratulations to the following photographers who have one or more images included in the book:

Leah Abrahams, Bayo Adedeji, Hans Andersson, Meredith Andrews, Ashraful Arefin, Gustavo Arizmendi David Atkinson, Gianluca Attoli, Ravi Kiran B N, Bridget Badore, Marilyn Baez, Carolina Baldoma, Stas Bartnikas, Kat Bawden, David Beazley, Leigh Beisch, David Bennett, David Benoit, Bruce Berkow, Joakim Blomquist, Christophe Boussamba, Melissa Breyer, Dillard Brown, Ben Burfitt, Elyse Butler Aurélien Calonne, Valeria Cammareri, Lara Cappelli, Beth Caron, Christine Carr, Marco Casavecchia, Pablo Castro, Diana Cheren Nygren, Daisy Cheung, Natalie Christensen, Mia Collis, Anne Connor, Ronan Considine, Daniela Constantini, Beth Cummins, Francesca D anversa, Liselotte Denis, Aurelien Derenne, Luigi Di Crasto, Miguel Diaz Perez, Jesus Domingo, Mieke Douglas, Ximena Echague, Suzanne Elise, Tustin Ellison, Elaine Ellman, Jamie Espinosa, Luke Eve, Diego Fedele, Michelle Fedosoff, Michael Fitzgerald, Andreas J. Fog-Petersen, Jared Fortunato, Antonia Fritche, Tori Gagne, Marzia Gamba, Ashley Garrett Matteo Garzonio, Bruce Gaucher, Dan Gemkow, Michelle Gendreau, Jana Gerstenmaier, Socrates Gliarmis, Geoffrey Goddard Andreas Godwin, Terri Gold, Danielle Goldstein, Eunice González Julien, Georgina Goodwin, Alina Grafkina, Selma Grönlund, Anna-Lena Guske, Keith Haist, Arthur Hammond, Will Hare, Robert Heavrin, Andrew Heiser, Carl Henry, Constanza Hevia H., Pip Hicken, Samuel Hicks Douglas Hill, Jeb Inge, Eric Jackson, Magi Jansen, Ellen Jantzen, Dorota Jędrzejczak, Haeily Jeon, Tyler Johnson, Dave Jordano, Chip Kalback, Fïyas Kane Melanie Kanzler, Ekaterini Karanika, Emilia Kashfian, Marc Kelly, Jun Kinase, Prasanna Kindo, Tobias Kleine, Michael Knapstein, Kornelia La Carruba Maciej Leszczynski, Jana Leu, Nancy Lin, Gonçalo Lobo Pinheiro, Emma Lord, Danielle MacInnes, Ketevan Magularia, Nicola Malkmus, Anna Sofia Martin Tyler Matthias, Randy Matusow, Susanne Maude, Margarita Mavromichalis, Gina Mazza, Deb Menconi Clark, Adam Mendonca, Manuel Mendoza Maria Elisa Mercader Valencia, Phyllis Meredith, C. Bay Milin, Karlina Mitchell, Lisa Mitchell, Mary Anne Mitchell, Walid Mohanna, Atsushi Momoi Emmanuel Monzon, Matty Neikrug, Char Nesbit, Stein Jarle Nilsen, Natsuki Okoshi, Claudia Oliveri, Jakub Pasierkiewicz, Mariano Paul, Robert Peek Felicia Perretti, Kathryn Perry, Fabio Petry, Dimitre Photography, Brydie Piaf, LA Reichek, Vivek Prabhakar, Jerry Rawlings, Erica Reade, Vianca Reinig, William Rice, Saul Robbins, Patti Roberts, Daniela Romanesi, Emmanuel Rosario, Jefrim Rothuizen, Paul Rowlands, Yan Rubin, Niky S., Shantanu Saha, Haley Samuelson, Costanza Santilli, Alison Schmitz, Antonio Schubert, Sheldon Serkin, Sven Serkis, Sean Shapiro, Will Sharp, Tom Shea, Olha Shevchuk Hannah Slaney, Morten Soerensen, Athina Souli, Jennifer Sparks, Rowan Spray, Nicolas St-Pierre, Stefanie J.Steindl, Melissa Stewart, Liz Stowe, Svein Tangen, Lachlan Thorpe, Tracey Tomtene, Andrea Torrei, Jens Umbach, Marianne van Loo, Beka Venezia, Dineke Versluis Andi Vollmer, Si Wachsmann, Ronald Waite, Eva Weinmann, Antoine Weis, Sophia Weiss, Friederike Welter, Doug Winter, Nancy Woods, Yun Ye Michael Young, Dan Gemkow, Tyler Johnson, Tim Smith, Frankie Mcallister, Christopher Priebe, Marianne van Loo, J Forsyth, John Gayusky, Teodelina Detry and Jay Gunning.

Thank you so much to all the artists who have made the Print Swap what it is today, from the streets of Nairobi to the forests of Rio, the neighborhoods of Mumbai to the skyscrapers of Manhattan, the dunes of Namibia to the trams of Lisbon–and far beyond.


The Print Swap - A project by Feature Shoot

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