Photography Series: TIDE (2019)

I never know what a Series holds. Once I photograph the scene (whatever catches my eye) it’s really an educated guess on how the Photography will really turn out. Coming into 2019, I knew I wanted to drastically improve my Artwork, though several people have given me compliments on past Works.

My favorite image has to be the next one I photograph.-ecj


Rendezvous (2019) by Eric Christopher Jackson

One of the reasons why the Style of my Work needs to change is because the Artwork needs to fit seamlessly into Interior Spaces like the one above. Although it’s a simple couch and wall, it’s the type of environment my Art needs to compliment. Unfortunately, as I tested mock-ups like the one above, too many Art pieces seemed out-of-place.

I began visiting venues like Scan Design to see what type of Artwork fits with the Interior Spaces they Market. As I took in the Style of so many wonderful pieces, I realized making that drastic shift in my Style was inevitable if I want to be successful in my Art Career.

Art by Eric Christopher Jackson

As the month of November 2019 came to a close, I was able to complete this Seven-piece Series entitled, TIDE. Mind you, I photographed this Series at the beginning of October. It took several weeks of trial & error in Editing to figure out how I wanted to present the Work. In Color? In Black & White? Cropped? Composition? Lighting? Style? Ultimately, the Series needed to fit seamlessly into the Style of the Interior Spaces I liked.

After Editing was completed, it took another week (if not more) to think of Titles for each Work. Some Artists have asked me how I come up with Artwork Titles. First, I have to spend time with the Work. Each photograph has a Personality of its own. I have to figure out what that is.

For example, in the image above, the Artwork’s Title is Subsidence. Initially, I think of a few words that describe the feel of the scene, then look-up synonyms for those words. Eventually, I find a synonym that I like, in the case, Subsidence. Which means “to sink to a low or lower level.” The first word I thought of was Collapse, but it’s much too common (and boring) to use as an Artwork Title, in my opinion.

Maturation (2019) by Eric Christopher Jackson

Finally, my approach to Editing was a bit different. Typically, I’m more analytical. Most of the time, I do not Crop my Photographs. I try to capture the Composition I want while I’m photographing the scene. If I do Crop the photograph, I normally use a Square Crop, which is standard for Art Framing Options.

This time, I decided to allow the Photograph to dictate how I Cropped the scene. Which led to the most unusual Layouts (and wonderful results). All Seven of the Art pieces in this Series need Custom Frame Sizes, which Art Collectors cannot purchase ready-made in Local Art Stores. With this in mind, I have listed these Artworks on the main website as Acrylic Prints and Framed Prints that I will Order myself for them.

In the past, I’ve given Collectors the Option of purchasing the Print-Only Photograph and they could order the Frames themselves. However, I feel like Shipping Art Collectors Photography that is already Framed and Ready-to-Hang upon Arrival is the best way to approach this.

Feel free to leave thoughts on the new Series along with the rest of my Artworks. I am looking for a few Testimonials to add to my main website. One or two sentences is perfect. I only have one Testimonial posted on my website’s homepage and am hoping to add two or three more. You’ve been Nominated.🙂

-Eric Christopher Jackson

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