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Book Covers Updated by Eric C. Jackson Studio

The latest book from the Studio was published five years ago. Over time, I began to long for a much needed update for the book covers. Yes, the content of all the books seem to have withstood the test of time. However, the book covers felt dated and out of sync with the re-Branding Style I'm creating for the Studio.

With this in mind, I decided to try a minimalistic approach to the covers featuring the updated Brand logo on each one...

The Beginning of Me by Eric C. Jackson Studio

My first collection of poetry entitled, The Beginning of Me, simply led me to think about the sunrise. This yellow colour seems appropriate for the theme...

Redemption, Poetry Collection by Eric C. Jackson Studio

The third collection of poetry feels like the ending of this three-book theme: morning, mid-day, evening. This blue colour feels calm and under control. I realize this book represents the end of a season in my life. Now, I have to begin anew opposed to trying to pick up where I left off years ago.

Which is probably why writing the next book has been such a challenge. I'm in a different season altogether that calls for a different approach. What will that approach be.. I'm not entirely sure.

The switch to the matte finish opposed to the former glossy covers is a perfect touch for all of the books. I plan to use this style from now on. I assume the next two books from the Studio will feature black and white covers. However, if the theme allows, I would also like to try a dark shade of red.

What do you think about the new-look book covers? Do you have a favorite?

-Eric C. Jackson

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