New Addition to the Studio: "Pier's End"

Pier's End by Eric C. Jackson Studio

"Land and Water collide as the river seems to overtake the pier." -ecj

Pier's End is a Limited Edition Print added to the Landscapes Collection in the Gallery. The photograph was captured in 2020. Several weeks were spent finding the right color tone, lighting, and overall mood of this scene. Test prints were ordered to make sure enough detail is left in the Shadows without brightening the entire scene too much.

The Fuji Crystal Archive Pearl Paper is used as a base for the print. However, this print features the Max HD Silver Halide treatment which more than doubles the print resolution and enhances the color and lighting of the photograph.

Pier's End gives a sense of peace to viewer along with a feeling of hope for a better future. The subtle lighting at the top of the photograph creates this feeling. The long posts of wood emerging from the water helps to bring the composition together. The texture of the land is used to make the photograph more tangible to the viewer, as if one can touch the actual sand.

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Best Regards,

Eric C. Jackson

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