Acceptance in Gallery Du 808 LTD

Gallery Du 808

Summer Festival Solace Exhibition

31st July - 27th August, 2019

21 - 22 The Arcade,
United Kingdom

​Tel: 0117 4019357

Seasonal Opening Hours:

Sunday - Monday: Closed
Tuesday - Saturday: 10:30am - 17:00pm

Hi Readers,

I am excited to share the Announcement of my Acceptance in Gallery Du 808's Festival Solace Exhibition. A little backstory: As I continue to Submit Work to various Galleries, Publications, etc. I tend to meet other Artists along the way.

My Work was scheduled to be on Exhibit at Art takes Manhattan in March 2019. However, the Exhibition was abruptly Cancelled at the last minute and twenty Artists (including myself) were not only extremely disappointed, but we lost thousands of dollars in Shipping Cost alone.

On the bright side, I became acquainted with some of the Artists including Vicky Talwar. She was able to refocus much faster than I, by continuing to have her Work accepted elsewhere. I followed her progress, which included an Exhibition at Gallery Du 808 this month.

Over time, my interest in this Gallery piqued. Last week, I finally decided to Submit my own Work. To my surprise, they responded within a few days letting me know a few spots were available for the dates listed above.

I want to say "thank you" to Gallery Director, Vitali Cortesi, for Reviewing and Accepting my Work. She will assist me in selecting which pieces will be on Exhibit. The Gallery likes to have an overall theme for each Exhibit.

Hopefully, I will be able to visit places overseas as my Career progresses. Please, come out to view all the Artists represented. I hope to fit in with a new audience. Thanks, everyone.


Eric Christopher Jackson

Who we are?

Situated in the 18th Century Arcade at the heart of Bristol City Centre, Gallery du 808 is now the most central art gallery in Bristol Broadmead, offering a platform for Artists looking to showcase their work to more than 22,000 shoppers that visit each month.

We are an independent contemporary Art Gallery that takes pride in understanding the Artists we work with, treating their work with the same care, attention and respect that goes into each master piece.

Bristol is one of the most inspirational and creative cities on earth. It was voted the best place to live in the UK by the Sunday times, one of the world’s coolest cities by National Geographic and ranked above Paris, Amsterdam and London as one of the most inspiring cities in the world by Travelbird. There is no shortage of talent in this City.

From Banksy’s street art through to the creation of Trip Hop and the now annual Upfest urban paint festival, thousands of Artists from across the globe have found a home here in these city streets, and so have we.

We are here to build a stronger community for local and international artist, we offer a platform for artist of all age and genders.

The concept behind the gallery!

We wanted to create a sophisticated art gallery with a warm and welcoming atmosphere for our artists and customers, Gallery Du 808 was created by Vitali Cortesi, her vision is to inspire and encourage emerging artists to build a platform, gain recognition and experience from selling and promoting fresh new artwork.

Gallery Du 808 is a luxurious art gallery, designed with an urban contemporary vibe, the art gallery is quirky, friendly and sophisticated. Here at Gallery Du 808 we aim to sell stunning art throughout the year and we do it with pride.

We hope to inspire, share stories of other artist and offer everyone an opportunity to showcase in our luxurious Art Gallery.


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