41 | Days of Birth

What do Birthdays mean to you? A new Beginning? A fresh Start? A look in the rear-view to see what was left behind? See all of the mistakes made? Opportunities missed? All of the Above?

Typically, including last year, thoughts on my Birthday were full of Regrets. Frustration. Disappointment. I focused on anything and everything that was wrong in my Life. I spent the day feeling sorry for myself. No special plans. No hopes of Redemption. No feeling of Joy. Like many years before, another Birthday marked another failure to achieve my Goals.

Which is why this year, on June 3rd, my attitude took me by surprise.

I woke up on Monday morning full of Joy. Happy to be Alive. Expecting something wonderful to happen at any moment. I didn't think: "Oh no. I'm 41 years old, now. I'm getting old!" Instead, I thought: "Today's my Birthday. I lived to see 41 years old. That, in itself, is a Blessing."

...then, I went to Work. Honestly, I struggled most of the work day to keep this Happy feeling, but I did the best I could. Fully expecting that one day, I will find myself in a better place. Not that my job is horrible, but I prefer my Career.

It feels like a New Year. As if someone hit the reset button and my Life is taking off in a different direction. A new Stage. A new Season. New Opportunities. Needless to say, I already have a better Attitude.

This year is going to be awesome. Amazing. Stupendous! I can't wait to begin ..but I have. I can't wait to see how Life unfolds and what new Adventure is prepared for me.

What situation do you find yourself in? Perhaps, Life has not been going so well. Maybe things feel like they're on the brink of falling apart. Collapsing. I know the feeling. I've been at the crossroads several times before. One thing I know to be true:

Success finds those who refuse to Quit.

At times, it's beyond Logic. Reason. Circumstances tell you it's over. The people around you begin to agree. Except the Spark in you refuses to go out. While I do know there are times when we need to give up something we're pursuing, I believe we all have a Purpose in Life. And until you fulfill that Purpose, you'll never truly be Happy.

-Eric Christopher Jackson

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