Coming Up for Air (2012) by Eric Christopher Jackson

Coming Up for Air

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Sometimes, words cannot describe a moment. You simply sit back and look, examining colors, details. Let your imagination create the rest of the world that is not in view.

In reality, little kids were nearby feeding the koi fish. They were going crazy. They come to the surface like this to grab whatever they can. I saw it as an opportunity to capture an artistic moment. The scene is a bit awkward, I will admit. It can be difficult to tell where the fish is. Quite a few viewers have commented that this seems like a scene in outer space. Great! Imagination at work.

Rest assured, this is a large pond and though it breathes under water, coming up for air keeps it alive. Because that is where the food is, on the surface of the water.” -ecj

Year: 2012

Open Edition

Digitally Signed.

Printed on Fuji Crystal Archive Pearl Paper.
Face-Mounted Acrylic Prints & Framed Prints available upon Request.