Showcase: Nature Collection

Ardency by Eric C. Jackson Studio

The Nature Collection continues to expand with eight Works added near the end of 2021. The focus was to explore various Compositions in Macro Photography. The goal was to add more Color to the Studio while maintaining my Style.

Affable by Eric C. Jackson Studio

Typically, I capture black and white photography to emphasize Lighting and Detail of each Subject. This is well within my comfort zone; I felt the nudge to break away from this to try something new. However, Works like Affable could not be overlooked as I stumbled upon a new favorite image.

Petals' Glow by Eric C. Jackson Studio
Petals' Glow

Capturing Macro Photography is not as simple as it may appear. The depth-of-field is extremely shallow, which leads to the focal point easily shifting between minute details. Each flower is not the same and several approaches are available in terms of Composition.

Much of this process is trial and error. Adjustments to Lighting, various backdrops, and constantly changing how close the camera is to the Subject are a part of the process. The majority of captures will not be added to the Studio. Yet, there are a handful of near-perfect to perfect captures that I focus on Editing the best I can before choosing the final photographs.

Tedious is the word that comes to mind. Still, when you discover a Look that simply works well, it is all worth it.

- Eric C. Jackson

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