Photography Paper Transition


The Eric C. Jackson Studio website continues to be updated. Within the coming weeks, all descriptions will be updated to reflect the change in Photography Paper. Because of a major supply shortage with my Printer, the FujiFlex Paper is no longer available.


As of June 7, 2023, any Print Orders received within the next two weeks will be fulfilled on ImageTech Glossy Paper with a Production Time of 10 Business Days. Currently, I am running the final Artist's Proofs on two other Paper Types.


For the Limited Edition Photography, I would like to offer them on Lumachrome HD Photo Paper. For the Open Edition Prints, I would like to offer the Illford Glossy Paper. The Production Time for each Paper Print is between 3 to 14 Business Days depending on Print Dimensions. Each art piece will reflect the updated information.


The remaining Artist Proofs should arrive in Studio by June 21, 2023. Once the Proofs are approved, Price and Product updates will begin to appear across the Studio Gallery. Ideally, the Proofs will arrive and be approved before the 21st. However, periodically, there have been delays in Shipping Time.


Speaking of Shipping, Collectors will be able to select the Shipping Company of their choice during the Checkout process. Currently, FedEx, UPS, and USPS are included with plans to add DHL, which is helpful for International Orders.


In conclusion, I am excited to share the new Papers with you although we're in the waiting period for the next couple of weeks. Also, both Limited and Open Edition Prints will be mounted moving forward to prevent warping over time.


Limited Edition Prints will be face-mounted with TruLife Acrylic. Open Edition Prints will be rear-mounted with DiBond (White). However, if you would like your Limited Edition Print rear-mounted or the Open Edition Print face-mounted, these alternate options are available.


Plans are in the works to have Sale Sheets available for some of my most popular Prints to give Collectors a list of Print Options and Pricing. Ideally, these PDFs will be available for download from the website and most certainly through email requests.


Thank you for your patience,


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