One World Trade Center (2019)

Dear Readers,
I have been working on several Projects over the last month. Today, I'll focus on Photography captured during my trip to New York City in March 2019. I did not know which direction I wanted to go when coming up with the overall Style of the Photographs. So, they 'sat on the shelf' until recently when I stumbled across a B/W Style that I like.
Eclipse (2019) by Eric Christopher Jackson
This Photograph is entitled, Eclipse. Often times, I create high-contrast black and white photographs. However, this scene feels softer, less contrast. I absolutely love the low POV and angle of the shot, which creates a more interesting Composition. I have more completed scenes from that day...
Reflectors (2019) by Eric Christopher Jackson
This is a close-up of the base of the Architecture. The 'panels' (?) remind me of solar panels; I don't think they cover the entire building, only the base.
Beyond (2019) by Eric Christopher Jackson
I believe The One World Trade Center is the seventh tallest building in the world. It's an amazing sight to take in. I had to walk away from the building's foundation quite a bit to see the spire on top.
Dimly Lit (2019) by Eric Christopher Jackson
The interior of the WTC is equally impressive. I wanted to create a scene that would do it justice. Although this capture is a bit abstract, I think it still adds interests to the Series. I didn't want to simply capture wide-angle shots; this gives attention to one of the many details featured within the building.
I need to Order test prints of my recent Photo Edits to make sure they develop correctly. Once the prints are approved, I plan to create a Limited Edition Series of these Photographs that will be available on this website and my Saatchi Art profile.
Happy Tuesday.
Eric Christopher Jackson

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